Swiss Paraplegic Foundation

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The Swiss Paraplegic Foundation was established in 1975 by Guido A. Z├Ąch. It is an important reference organization for paraplegic people worldwide. The basis for its activities is the vision of a holistic rehabilitation of para- and quadriplegics with the objective of enabling the person with spinal cord injury to lead an autonomous life as far as this is possible. The Swiss Paraplegic Foundation runs a close-knit network with its subsidiary organisations and it accompanies the paraplegics in all stages of life. Several thousand persons with spinal cord injury have found their way back into an active life style- due to the highly specialized medical care, the optimal integration into work, family and society, but also thanks to the specific research activity and life-long support.Heidi Hanselmann is president of the board of trustees and Joseph Hofstetter is manageing director of the Foundation.

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