Swiss Paraplegic Association

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The Swiss Paraplegic Association is the national umbrella organization of paraplegics and associates with about 11000 members. As a self-help organization, it supports para- and quadriplegics throughout Switzerland. The Swiss Paraplegic Association offers all wheelchair users a wealth of services free of charge or at a discounted rate, so they can cope with daily living after discharge from the clinic. Those services are provided by the departments 'Wheelchair Sports Switzerland', 'Centre for Obstacle-Free Building', 'Culture and Leisure', 'Institute for Social and Legal Counseling' as well as 'Life Counseling'. Furthermore, the 26 wheelchair clubs function as regional pillars and carry the idea of solidarity into the whole of Switzerland. The vision of the Association is full integration and equal opportunities for all people with spinal cord injury in society. Director of the Swiss Paraplegic Association is Laurent Prince

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